Sanatorium "Sinyak"
tel/fax (03131)2-10-92
[email protected]


"It is impossible to find the part of the body which could not be treated by Sinyatskaya water". Beautiful nature, miraculous mineral water and attentive skilled staff create the best conditions for treatment.

Term of treatment is 12 or 24 days. Therapeutic building, which was built in Swiss style, is equipped with medical supplies and laboratory equipment.

Therapeutic building contains:

  • hydropathic establishment (with sulphuric-hydrogenous water)
  • treatment with mineral wax;
  • sauna. Studies of:
  • functional diagnostics;
  • therapeutic physical training;
  • Massage;
  • Laser therapy And other specialized studies.
  • The main healing factor of the resort is Sinyatskaya sulphuric-hydrogenous water with blue colour. That is why this sanatorium was called "Sinyak".

    First chemical analysis was made by Doctor of Medicine, Corresponding member of St-Petersburg Academy A.Cherskiy in 1823. Use of mineral water began in 1832 after the first primitive "font" and pub were built. Use of this water is effective in treatment of poisoning by hard metals and removing of harmful substances.

    Functions of heart and nervous system become better after taking a bath with sulphuric-hydrogenuous water Indications for treatment

  • Cardio-vascular diseases;
  • Genito-urinary diseases;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Metabolic diseases Sinyatskaya mineral water is also used for treatment of:

  • Digestion diseases
  • Professional diseases
  • Allergic diseases .
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